Pantenius, Michael: Halle (Saale) City Guide


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Michael Pantenius
Halle (Saale)
City Guide

96 p., Pb., 112 × 186 mm, with street maps and colour illustrations
ISBN 978-3-95462-759-2

released: January 2017

The world-famous Nebra Sky Disc, the important collection of paintings at the Moritzburg Art Museum, the school town of the Francke Foundations, the only salt-producing museum in Europe and the birthplace of Georg Frideric Handel are only a few of Halle’s many sights. There is a vibrant cultural life, a diverse gastronomy and a wide range of excursion possibilities.
This colourful city guide contains information and photographs of the most important sights of the city, offers tips for accommodation, gastronomy, shopping and culture along with clear maps that will assist the visitor navigate the town.


Dr Michael Pantenius, born 1938, cultural scientist, historian. Worked as an advertisement and public relations manager for book-publishing houses, as the chief of a daily newspaper’s culture section, as an editor and managing editor, lives near Halle, numerous publications on Halle and the history and cultural landscape of Central Germany.